About us

About us

Founded in Istanbul in 2004, PBS Water Slides operates in Antalya with its 7,000 m² production plant with its expertise and experience.


Our company values quality and safety in the projects we undertake in our country as well as abroad, and follow the internationally accepted norms with the help of crafted personnel and machines that shape the polyester, and we give importance to research and development in our work.


Our company can design and produce all kinds of water slides, aquapark projects, polyester pools, water play systems, fiber water tanks, fiber special figures, fiber coatings.


Our company produces and sells its product under the name of “PBS Su Kaydırakları” (PBS Water Slides) which is a registered trademark under the Turkish Patent Institute.



"Quality is never a coincidence. It is the result of a rational effort."

By reviewing its existing structure with this principle, PBS recognizes the dynamics that it has created and has set the target for continuous quality.

Our biggest goal is to become the leading Turkish company in the fields of value-added fiber products, steel construction and special production for institutions and individuals.

In doing so, we contribute to the development of the sector by using the latest technologies, integrated, innovative, creative and specialized staff and meeting them with the value added services.

Our success points that help us reach our goals are to raise customer satisfaction to the highest possible level with the philosophy of continuous improvement, to establish efficient business partnerships, to be a leader in quality, creativity and technological developments, to support the development of our employees, to create motivation and job satisfaction.

With our quality policy, we have set our quality targets in accordance with the general goals and we have planned our goals that are consistent with a measurable quality policy.

We have this power from our values...